Jiaxing Unitek Machinery Co., Ltd.



Where entry Unitek Technology employees enjoy:

1, five insurance payments, all full-time employees were paid five insurance (old-age insurance, industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance, serious co-ordination, unemployment insurance), more than three years of work to pay one gold (housing fund)

2, Cathay commercial insurance, the following year, Class A, Class B more than one year

3, wedding gifts, wedding Where a service time

4, maternity gifts, Where a service time of birth

5, birthday gift certificates, brand cake coupon

6, paid annual leave, 1--10 years 5 days, 10--20 years 10 days, 15 days more than 20 years

7, statutory holidays, five days a week for 8 hours overtime calculated according to national legal rules

8, marriage, late marriage: 15 days; early marriage: 3 days (including holidays)

9, maternity, male seven days; female 90 days (including holidays)

10, bereavement leave, three days (including holidays)

11, high costs (in accordance with national regulations)

12, about the staff of the Midsummer Festival, the end of year-end banquet party,

13, entry more than one year employees enjoy an annual physical

14, year-end awards (based on when to issue annual benefit)