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Shanghai Disney Park

Disneyland - Disneyland amusement park

Disneyland handedly founded by Walt Disney, there are many Disney characters such as Mickey and the Disney movie scenes. The oldest is Los Angeles, California Disneyland, built in 1955. Disney's four overseas semicolon in, only Tokyo Disney profit is the best, year after year profit; Disneyland Paris after years of losses, finally earning about 16.2 million yuan in fiscal 2008; Hong Kong Disneyland although no to make an announcement over profitable, but the outside world has been estimated three consecutive losses.


The opening of Disneyland in 1955, after the US and abroad and eventually opened five, located in four countries and regions, the Disney theme parks. September 12, 2005, Hong Kong Disneyland has become China's first Disney theme park. The Walt Disney Company has implemented meter

Draw on China Chuansha town building another theme park, but perhaps no longer the name "Disney" proportionality. As of March 2010, California, Florida, Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong five places built Disneyland. Another Shanghai Disneyland under construction [1].

The oldest is Los Angeles, California Disneyland, built in 1955. In 1971, it took ten years to build Disneyland in Florida; 1983, Tokyo Disneyland built (in 2001, the expansion of sea paradise complete at a cost of 338 billion yen); in 1992, Disneyland Paris, built at a cost of $ 44 billion. Five in Paradise, located in Orlando, Fla. Disney's largest. There are 12,228 hectares, the smallest of Hong Kong Disneyland, covering 126 hectares, only one percent of Florida. On the scale, Orlando, Florida, USA maximum points, "Animal Kingdom", "Magic Cinema", "Science Fiction World" and "Dream World" four theme parks, each better than the big Hong Kong Disneyland, there are two water parks all play down, at least to 5 days. Representative image also Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Buzz Lightyear and the like; followed by Disney in Paris Marne La Vallee, area 2023 hectares, the "Disneyland" and "Walt Disney Studios' two theme parks; Los Angeles Disney 206 hectares, with the traditional "Disneyland" and "California Adventure"; tokyo Disney area of 201 hectares, the "Disneyland" and "Walt Disney sea Paradise" two theme parks. Orlando, Florida, Disneyland most playable project is also up [2].

Los Angeles County Disneyland

Los Angeles County, California (Los Angeles County) Los Angeles County of Anaheim City Di Disneyland

Los Angeles County Disneyland

Disneyland is the world's master architect Grosvenor Pace took three years of construction work completed. The world's first Disneyland, July 17, 1955 opening. From downtown Los Angeles 43.5 km area of 64.7 hectares. When completed, this super park cost $ 17 million, 2,500 workers need daily maintenance, is expected to attract 5 million visitors a year. It was the idea of the world's most sophisticated amusement park. Park a total of five areas: Adventure World, the Western frontier, fairy-tale world, toy Kingdom and Epcot, and constantly updated. Adults and children also love this park, which attracts millions of tourists come here. 1967 (a year after the death of Disney), to start construction on the East Coast Disneyland's sister park in Orlando, Florida · Waldorf Disney World.

Walt Disney's famous Swiss blueprint for "Paradise," the first mountain Disneyland "Disneyland" night, so that visitors and fairy tale Alice went into the temple fantasy world Disney Donald Duck and the world's children. To meet the 50 anniversary of its opening. Since May 2005, Disney launched 18 months known as "the world's most happy celebration," the opening ceremony of Hong Kong Disneyland is one of the rings. Disneyland in Los Angeles during this period, there will be a newly designed floats and parade extravaganza, and renovated indoor "space coaster" will also be re-opened.

Folding Walt Disney World in Orlando

In 1964 people began to build a larger amusement park, which is Orlando "Disney World." After five years of construction, Walt Disney World in October 1971 and finally opened to the public. Its cost was $ 766 million, located in Orlando, Florida (Orlando) on the outskirts, it is a recreation center for all ages. Disney World in Orlando consists of seven different styles of theme parks, six golf clubs and six themed hotels composition. Like Disneyland shocked Westerners, like Disney World stir the people on the east coast.

At Disney World, with a central street, small world, Haideliangmoli tomorrow's world, Pioneer Square and freely. There the central street of elegant vintage carriage, antique shops and restaurants tea room; small world is designed specifically for children, as they aspire to entertainment world; in "Haideliangmoli", people can get on special submarine, sometimes came to a vibrant tropical sea bed, but when the cold came gloomy solitude Walt Disney World in Orlando

Walt Disney World in Orlando

With the sea bed, enjoy watching the colorful undersea aquarium plants and even see sunken ships loaded with goods and jewels undersea earthquake collapse of the ancient city; and personally to "moon" go surf; if you come to the land frontier and freedom Square, then the other is a world where people can relive the immigrant countries in the New world pioneering many of the circumstances, and the British colonial status of the American continent. Walking in Disney World, it is also often met with some actors dressed as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, more people Reappearance innocence, Yu-fa.

Walt Disney World is not just a playground, but it is also a tourist center, visitors can also come to the nearby beach swimming, skating, sailing, deep-sea fishing, air balloon ride, or visit the nearby attractions. The variety of programs, to Disney World added a bit more charm.

Walt Disney World is currently still evolving. October 1, 1982, the new Disney World Kurt Ebner Center was officially open, but also attracted a large number of visitors. Kurt Ebner Center is based on the idea of Disney built 20 years ago. It includes the "Future World" and "World museum." "The future of the world" in the communications, energy, transportation, agriculture, and vision for the future six main building. 80,000 photovoltaic cells energy museum at the top of the private sector to build the largest solar collector is in the world. In the agriculture museum, one can also see a simulated laboratory conditions of outer space to grow crops. "World Museum" is more interesting, there are the pyramids of Egypt, the Italian palace, the Japanese shrine, Eiffel Tower in Paris, although only half of Beijing Temple of Heaven in its size, but the fine carving, ornate, very realistic.

Walt Disney World to serious educational content resides form of entertainment among the rich and interesting, to attract tourists every year nearly 20 million people. It goes without saying, to Disney World, especially Kurt Ebner center a visit, is to spend some of greatly insisted.

Tokyo Disneyland

In 1982, in Tokyo, Japan Chiba Maihama Urayasu, built the lead to global topics and notable Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland

Worldwide theme parks - Tokyo Disneyland. Tokyo Disneyland is the Walt Disney Company by the United States and Japan, companies built Azusa design. Upon completion, the Japanese had once appeared in "Disney hot phenomenon", for example, Disney clothing heat, heat and other Disney amusement, this successful "Disney thermal phenomena," but also to expand the Disney company's strength.

Being Asia's first amusement park, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland and built in accordance with the United States. This park since April 15, 1983 has become the open men and women to enjoy all their music tourist destination.

Building the park at a cost of 150 billion yen, since the spring of 1983 opened, has received 260 million visitors, a record many times the investment in huge profits. The number of visitors to Tokyo Disneyland in 2000 received the 1730 million.

Tokyo Disneyland is divided into the world market, adventure park, west park, new biota, Fantasyland, Toontown and future parks seven areas, there will be regular performances and rich colorful makeup on stage as well as the park plaza interesting parade.

Disney's main entrance in the center, you can see the towering "Cinderella City" this main building, then it's also built around a variety of topics playground and amusement hall, adventurous Palace, world famous stories, legends Palace, there landscape palace, went out Palace, Palace of the universe, fantasy Temple. Each is equipped with a pleasure palace detailed explanation plot and music, people like the ground, it maintains the Disneyland authentic American style, we can appreciate its "non-routine nature of" performance characteristics. In Tokyo Disneyland can also see the big parade, these performances for guests flow ripple islands. The entire park by the composition of many small theme park.

Disneyland Paris

Walt Disney spent $ 44 billion to build the Disneyland Paris in Europe

Disneyland Paris

The first Disneyland. In early 1992, located in the outskirts of the town of Marne La Vallee Disneyland Paris opened. Initially it has six hotels, 5200 rooms, all the rooms Bikenlesi city even more. Disneyland Paris is the largest pan-European tourists pay Playground, 2000, it attracted a total of 12 million visitors. However, because the Europeans resisted American culture, coupled with the cover than is necessary Disneyland Paris hotel, park area is also too large, the Disneyland and no money.

For dining, in addition to formal restaurant, of course, there are the general public taste. Deli Bistro called Bistrot, offers traditional home cooking, the price is cheaper. In addition, there is a buffet restaurant, called Cafeteria, taken in accordance with accounting dishes, but also cheaper than the average price of a number of restaurants.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort (English: Hong Kong Disneyland Resort) located in the new Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland

Penny's Bay on Lantau Island community, now with a total area of 126 hectares. Hong Kong Disneyland surrounded by mountains, and distant sea the South China Sea, according to California is the first Disney theme park modeled, visitors can walk into a fairy tale kingdom. Among them, the "Main Street USA", "Adventureland", "Sleeping Beauty Castle" and "Tomorrow's World" is its typical entertainment venues. Everywhere can give visitors endless wonderful experience. In the "Main Street USA", the United States can enjoy the nostalgic downtown building, as well as sections of elegant antique car, enjoy a variety of Chinese and Western cuisine dishes; in "Adventure World", a section along the great river, across Africa prairie, into the "mysterious Asian forest," reach "Tarzan island" brave navigator will lead visitors to explore the magical dense environment of nature; "sleeping beauty Castle" is a fun fantasy world, beautiful good snow princess, lively Dumbo pure, innocent and cute Winnie the Pooh; in the "World of tomorrow" that people can experience the thrill of space tour to explore the boundless universe ..

Each theme park has distinctive dining menu includes dishes from around the world. For example, in the rich can go to Adventureland exotic Tahitian restaurant, located under the shade of palm trees, to provide you with Southeast Asian cuisine, Cantonese roasted meat, curry and fried dishes. Recommended that Mickey moon cake with Chinese characteristics, not only food but also souvenirs.

Shanghai Disneyland

At 8:30 on November 4, 2009, the Shanghai Municipal People's Government Information Office that Shanghai Disneyland

Shanghai Disneyland

The right to declare: Shanghai Disneyland project application report has been approved by the relevant state departments. According to the authorities revealed that, under the care and guidance of relevant state ministries, the Shanghai Disneyland project after years of contacts and negotiations the two sides, the principle of mutual benefit, in early 2009 signed a cooperation framework agreement, in accordance with relevant national procedures to authorities submitted the project application report [3].

Negotiations Shanghai Disneyland project has been more than ten years. January 9, 2009, the US headquarters of The Walt Disney Company has issued a statement saying, Disney and the Shanghai Municipal Government signed a framework agreement Shanghai theme park, according to the relevant national authorities submitted the program to the project application report through the media. By the end of October 2009, the project was officially approved, marking the next step will enter the substantive stage start, the specific content and details of the project on the cooperation of the two sides being carried out in-depth consultations. Shanghai Disneyland will be the world's first six, the first two Chinese Disneyland. It is reported that Shanghai Disneyland will not only have a consistent and global tourism destination Walt Disney Resort facilities, will also have local Chinese magical features.


Shanghai Disneyland total cost of 24.48 billion, the first open in 2014.

It is reported that, after media reported that Shanghai Disneyland project will be built by the Japanese Disneyland mode, the principle of Chinese holdings and staging constructed theme park project is expected to cost 24.48 billion yuan, part playground covering about 8 square kilometers, with a perimeter large area of the radiation zone and an area of about 1.5 square kilometers, the first open to visitors in 2014. According to the agreement signed, the Shanghai Disneyland Disney will hold 43% stake in a joint venture in Shanghai government-owned holding company will hold 57% stake. Asia is also the smallest Disney.

At 10:26 on April 8, 2011, Shanghai Disneyland project officially started, the project investment 24.5 billion yuan, is expected to completed in five years. Day, Shanghai Party Secretary Yu Zhengsheng and the US Walt Disney Company President and CEO Robert Iger attended the groundbreaking ceremony Shanghai Disneyland, the park area of 39,000 square kilometers, 390 square hectares combined. It will include a "Magic Kingdom" Disney theme park, themed hotels, retail, dining, entertainment, car parks and other facilities, as well as the center of the lake, river and yard transportation hubs and other public facilities. Wherein the Walt Disney Company and the Shanghai Shen Di Group jointly theme park covers an area of 1.16 square kilometers, investment of about 24.5 billion yuan, it will include a number of distinctive theme park area.


Shanghai Disneyland ticket prices will locate the number, but also in the focus of speculation. According to informed sources, the Shanghai Disney tickets priced a lot of controversy, Shanghai must take into account the level of consumption in other areas, so the initial price of 300 yuan, 300 yuan price is true but has not yet received the relevant departments confirmed. Experts guess: day ticket about $ 300, two-day ticket 500 yuan. Currently, 300 to 400 yuan, then the highest public acceptance.