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Hardware Screw small products industrial upgrading path

2016-02-01 10:48:00 Jiaxing Unitek Machinery Co., Ltd. Read

The current hardware screw Market is facing fierce competition. Small and medium-sized enterprises, especially small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, owned by the people, financial, and material resources are very limited, in the fierce market competition, it is not possible to scale to win, especially not with the same products with large enterprises direct confrontation. The advantage of small and medium manufacturing enterprises is professional, is deep and precision to win, hardware screw enterprises especially should take the path of professional development.

Once upon a time, there are many small and medium-sized enterprises after slightly development, choose diversification path. The results many companies are playing with toys, some enterprises Nixonian levels or even bankruptcy, a large number of enterprises withstood the market waves scour, lessons learned, collect a hand in time, back to the old bank, to return to the path of professional development. These lessons on the metal screw enterprise can be described as very deep.

The reason is very simple, small and medium-sized enterprise impossible in main product and its upstream and downstream comprehensive attack, and enterprise competition, it is not possible to fully achieve technical superiority in main product area and downstream areas, not possible to establish a set of comprehensive and perfect management system in all of these areas, impossible to build a huge sales network and after-sales service network, because of the very limited resources of small and medium-sized enterprises. Small and medium-sized enterprises can do, and must also do so, only in the manufacture of a product, designed to do, to do deep, do fine, thus in the product than the same industry large enterprises studied more exquisite and more excellent. At the same time pay attention to own brand quality, abandon poor colleagues of the product using simple promotion means to create their own brand, HC fasteners ten selected working to find direction in fastener industry and seize the industry before the road, from find out walking in the forefront of high-quality enterprises to pass sowing to promote. This is the small and medium-sized metal screw enterprises and large enterprises competitive advantage.

In this regard, the Japanese manufacturing small business is very successful, is our model of learning. Japan's many small businesses, such as a day, only the production of a product, specializing in a technology, hone a process. Focus on a field for a long time, so that these enterprises have become the leader in their respective fields. This dedication to a technology study, is known to be a professional spirit, Japan's manufacturing industry is a remarkable characteristic of fine, fasteners world renowned hardrock and other Japanese companies is so, it is particularly worth learning domestic hardware screw manufacturing enterprises. At the same time, Japanese companies cherish their own brand culture brand effect, not only sophisticated products, brand building to spare no effort. Huicong launched ten online activity is devoted to the search for China is to build the brand of small and medium-sized enterprises, to help to promote the development, and explore the development direction of the industry segments, and finding a benchmark for the industry as a whole.

Small and medium-sized enterprises to take the road of specialization, you can get a few advantages: first, the technical advantages, in a technology to achieve a leading position. Two is the advantage of efficiency, improve the efficiency of the use of equipment, to avoid duplication of construction. Three is the management advantage, to a relatively simple production and management system to establish a set of effective management system. As a result, the small and medium-sized metal screw enterprises focus on limited resources, specializing in their own professional fields, professional products, and thus win the competition in the market.