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304 stainless steel pan head cross cutting tail tail electronic self tapping screws

2016-02-01 10:48:43 Jiaxing Unitek Machinery Co., Ltd. Read

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End with a flat head, the other end of the sharp, shank diameter 2.2 ouside, by glue adhesion together, the main decoration is fixedly connected effect can also be used to hang objects, using ST64 pneumatic gun instead of steel nail with a hammer smashing. The carbon content of the steel is in the 0.4-2.8%, and the hardness is higher than that of the steel nail. The steel row nail model is divided into 8 ST-25 ST-18. ST-32. ST-38. ST-45. ST-50. ST-57. ST-64.

Three, characteristics

In actual use, if the steel nails forced into walls may cause steel nail bending fracture, while ST can just nail nail. Is save in the decoration of the bit wall hole in the nail into the wedge after the nail into the steel row nail (Gang Ding) are more likely to peg, using the pump pressure should be in 0.4 ~ 0.8 pressure and fixed objects should choose nail is longer than hanging items 1.5cm-2.5cm is firmly to damage to walls. Use: interior decoration, wooden packing box.

Steel row nail

Steel nail characteristics: the design is novel, unique, with the efficacy of fast, engineering quality is good, the application of a wide range of features, is the ideal replacement of ordinary round nail products.

Purpose: furniture making, sofa, wooden box, and all kinds of wooden products.

Steel row nail

Code nail

K nails, nails, N nails use: furniture manufacturing industry

K nail

Used for sofa, sofa, sofa and leather. The decoration industry is used in the ceiling, the thin plate, and so on.

Cement steel nail

In the shape of a round nail is very similar, the head slightly thicker. But the cement steel nail is made of high quality steel, has the advantages of hard, bending, can be directly nailed into the concrete and brick walls. Common specifications have 7~35mm.

Wood screw

Also known as wood screw. Compared with other nails, it is more easy to combine with wood, which is used in combination of metal and other materials and wood materials.

Twist nail

The nail body such as twist, round flat head, cross or a prefix, at the bottom of the sharp end. The nail is particularly strong. Applicable to need some very strong nail force of places, such as drawer, wooden ceiling hanger, common specifications from the 50~85mm has a variety of specifications.

Fight nail

Is a sharp nail, the middle of a smooth surface. Fight nail than other nail easier to merge and stationary wood, especially for the pin in the wood mosaic, common specifications have 25~120mm. Self tapping screws

Nail body stud teeth deeper, high hardness, low price, compared to other nails can better combine two metal parts. For the connection and fixation of metal components, such as the production of aluminum alloy doors and windows.