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The nine anniversary of the 18 August five annual midsummer and about the establishment of the company

2016-02-01 10:55:39 Jiaxing Unitek Machinery Co., Ltd. Read

Summer in August, the State Science and technology ushered in the fifth "A Midsummer Night's about" the staff of the ninth anniversary of the festival, in order to let everyone have a good memory, the company arranged in the afternoon of August 15, 13 held a fun games, on the evening of August 15 to self dinners and parties.



Fun games in the joy of the end, you have a very good performance of the family. Unity is strength, as long as we together with the force, I believe no difficulty will beats us, get fun games team award, a fourth team of family, the applause and cheers where! Please have the four team family came to accept the award.


Kitchen really busy, in order to let everyone can eat delicious food, manager Wang and Cao Lei, Huang Rui from the morning began to busy preparing for the evening of food, the day we also pay attention to a figure, that is of course Ni Wangcheng, from the morning to the end of the party has been unknown to help, and many families also input to service work, family members did not care about the division of labor, there is only one idea, the state of the thing is everybody's business, work together to state run, here to each family a praise, also to the people said a loud, you have worked hard, thank you to pay!




Jumping notes, playing out the youth vigor, and dynamic dance can show youthful charm, you see tonight's state and guests face covered with a smile, brandishing a beautiful dance, because our youth is infinite, we forever young heart



Dance, though short, but the charm of dance but in infinite diffusion, let us take part in dance enthusiasm transformation as a motivation to learn, open the door to the ideal with the knowledge and ability, with a happy mood and action into the work, we state home construction land good!