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Sized metal screws enterprises to survive

2016-02-01 10:29:00 Jiaxing Unitek Machinery Co., Ltd. Read

Current market metal screws face fierce competition. SMEs, especially small manufacturing enterprises, with the human, financial, and material resources are very limited feature, in the fierce competition in the market, it is impossible to scale of victory, especially not direct confrontation with the same products and large enterprises. Advantages of small manufacturing companies that profession, in that deep, fine win, metal screws enterprises, especially, should take professional development.

Once upon a time, the number of SMEs in the slightly later development, has chosen the road of diversification, many companies losing result, some companies never recovered even collapse, after being subjected to a large number of enterprises in the market big wave erosion, lessons learned, and timely close hand, returned to the line of work, return to professional development. These lessons of metal screws enterprises can be described as very deep.

The reason is very simple, small and medium enterprises can not fully attack in its flagship product, upstream and downstream, to compete with large enterprises, it is impossible in the main product areas on the downstream sector and fully achieved technological superiority, it is impossible for all of these areas to establish a comprehensive, complete management system, it is impossible to build a huge network of sales and service network, because of the very limited resources of SMEs. SMEs can do, and must do so only in the manufacture of a product, so specialized, so deep, so refined, so that the product is technically more sophisticated than the same industry study of large enterprises, more super . At the same time pay attention to the quality of their own brand, to abandon his colleagues inferior products using simple means to create their own brands to promote, HC Ten selection fastener fastener industry is committed to find the wind, caught the industry before the road trip, find out walking the forefront of high-quality companies to promote their dissemination. This is the small and medium enterprises and large metal screws competitive advantage.

In this regard, Japan's small manufacturing business has been very successful, is our learning model. Many Japanese small businesses for decades, only one product, specializing in a technology, a honed craft. Long focus on one area, so that these enterprises have become the leader in their respective fields. This kind of dedication to research a technology, known as a functional human spirit, constitutes a notable feature of Japanese manufacturing fine, fasteners and other aspects of the world-renowned HARDROCK Japanese companies is the case, it is particularly domestic production of metal screws enterprises worth learning. While Japanese companies cherish their own brand culture brand, not only excellent products, has spared no effort to build the brand. HC introduced online activity that is dedicated to finding the top ten domestic brand worthy of SMEs, their power to promote their development, while the development direction of mining sub-sector, to identify the benchmark for the entire industry.

SMEs in the road of professionalism, you can get several advantages: First, technological advantages, to achieve a leading position in a particular technology. Second, the efficiency advantage, improve efficiency in the use of equipment, to avoid duplication. Third, management advantages of a relatively simple production and management systems to establish an efficient management system. Thus, small and medium enterprises metal screws to concentrate its limited resources, specializing in their own area of expertise, professional products to win in the market competition.