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Steel structure residential business began to pick up, the construction of fasteners to take the heavy responsibility

2016-04-19 10:54:37 Jiaxing Unitek Machinery Co., Ltd. Read

The central deployment of future urban development "road map"

On February 6, 2016, the central committee of the communist party of China promulgated by the state council of the central committee of the communist party of China on the management of the state council on further strengthening the construction of urban planning several opinions, which is the central city of 37 years to restart working meeting of form a complete set of files, through the small crack problem of urban development "unreal" and "schedule", Outlines a "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" and even the future for a period of time "road map" of China's urban development.


General requirements

  • Implement the "applicable, economic, beautiful green," feng shui construction policy
    In current urban planning and construction management in our country there are still some outstanding problems: urban planning prospective, seriousness, mandatory and openness is not enough, the city construction and large, mei, blame and etc, a mess features missing, cultural heritage;Urban construction blind pursuit of scale expansion, the economical and intensive degree is not high;City governance according to law, illegal construction, big build problems, supply of public products and service, environmental pollution and traffic congestion spread of "city disease".
    For this, the nation must firmly establish and implement the innovation, coordination, the development of green, open, sharing ideas, understanding, respect and comply with the city development rule, better play a role of guidance and specifications the rule of law, and urban planning, construction and management, in accordance with the implementation of "applicable, economic, green, beautiful" construction policy, focus on transformation of the mode of city development and strive to shape the city landscape characteristics, to improve the urban environment quality, focus on urban management and service innovation, out of a city development road with Chinese characteristics.
  • Strengthen the management of architectural design
    In accordance with the "applicable, economic, beautiful green," the construction policy, highlight the building use function and energy saving, water, land, material saving, long life and environmental protection, prevent one-sided pursuit of building exterior image.For the architectural design institute and architects more favorable conditions for development, and encourage domestic and foreign architectural design enterprise competition fully, make excellent works.There are both international perspective and national self-esteem team of architects, make a clear definition of the rights and responsibilities of architects, the advancement of the architect.Advocate for architecture criticism, and promote the building of design concept integration and sublimation.
  • The way of building of the new development, vigorously promote prefabricated buildings

    In the next decade 30% new factory!

Suggestions for promoting prefabricated buildings, reduce construction waste and dust pollution, shorten the construction period, improve the quality of the project.Prefabricated construction design, construction and acceptance specification.The ministry of construction of realizing component parts are standard, product parts factory production.Encouraging construction companies prefabricated construction, field assembly.The construction of national prefabricated construction production base.Intensify policy support, in 10 years time, the prefabricated construction accounted for 30% of new buildings.We will actively yet prudently promote steel structure building.Where have conditions, advocate developing modern timberwork building.

Timberwork villa  and  Steel structure villa


Combined steel structure: a small city


"Small city" by hunan yuanda technology corp. 's broad can build a company built, 57 floors built 19 days, creating the contemporary architectural marvel.Height of 200 meters and a building area of 200 square meters, including 3.6 kilometers of pedestrian street, 19, 10 meters high hall, can accommodate 4000 people in the workplace and 800 homes.

"Building blocks" house, "production" on the assembly line, can reduce construction waste and dust pollution of prefabricated buildings will be in the future in China.
It is in this big background, the state encourages the introduction of steel structure housing, digestive steel energy as much as possible for the residents to build high quality living environment at the same time good residential patterns.Steel structure residence in North America, has more than 30 years of development history, gradually formed a very mature system of construction, in recent years has been widely promotion and use.Some people worry that the structure of the house is not suitable for development in China, it's not.First take a look at the advantages of this structure residence, just know whether steel structure housing can take root in China.
First of all, the steel structure modular construction conform to the requirements of the green, environmental protection, energy saving;Second, the steel structure residential building materials can be recycled, it is known to all concrete completion of residential if demolition almost all materials will cause waste, not much use value again.And the steel structure housing is different, no matter how many years will not occur corrosion or wear and tear, to increase the utilization rate of recycling to eighty percent.Third, the construction of the steel structure building much faster than concrete structure buildings, a 200 - square - metre villa need only about thirty days;Fourth, the steel structure building modelling richer, function more powerful;In addition, the steel structure modular construction for longer service life;

  • And the state science and technology, high strength and high corrosion resistance of building fastener manufacturing
    Fasteners are small, but since construction overall xing

      Jiaxing UNITEK mechanical technology co., LTD. Is the first domestic manufacturing high strength and high quality architectural stainless steel fasteners production enterprise, broke the situation of such products long-term dependence on imports.Companies with high hardness, high strength martensitic stainless steel (SUS410) drlling self-drilling screw, self-tapping screw, high strength stainless steel bolts engineering classes give priority to dozen of product construction fasteners, products widely used in domestic and foreign high-end steel structure building, outdoor facilities and subway, tunnel, highway, power grids, automobile, shipbuilding and other industries;The capital airport T3 terminal, CCTV tower, Beijing south railway station, Shanghai hongqiao high iron, 2022 Asian games stadium in hangzhou, shougang Beijing Olympic sports center, Shanghai Disney tang steel, baosteel zhanjiang iron and steel, and so on domestic thousands of landmark building has a close bond technology products in their lives.Products with high strength, good corrosion resistance, safe, diverse and features such as saving.



1. The steel structure class drlling screw:


Shanghai Disney dream about by the total number of 30 million all kinds of buildings constructed screw connection.

2. The decoration class dry wall:


3. The structure with high strength bolts:


  • Composite metal drlling self-tapping screw - one hundred years of life building fasteners!

With the constant improvement of the construction requirement at home and abroad, the state science and technology research and development team after 10 years of efforts, finally developed a can be widely used in all kinds of construction, 100 years of service life of composite metal drlling self-tapping screws.This screw thread lock section and head for austenitic stainless steel, but tapping and apex drill tail part adopts martensitic stainless steel SUS410, then through a special surface treatment after heat treatment, penetration and rust corrosion resistant performance are beyond the current widely used in various types of imported products.



Compared with imported screw, or the state science and technology of composite metal the performance characteristics of self-drilling screw with tapping screw is as follows:


1, screw the attack rate faster, more energy
Drlling tool bit by SUS410 material, after special heat treatment, blade surface hardness of the cutting tools with more HV580, core hardness is between HV350-450, strong performance beyond alloy steel cutter, coupled with the unique drlling tool bit shape design, achieve the result of the effort and the most rapid construction, foothold on altitude or difficult construction, energy and the effect of reducing the burden.

2, applicability, can penetrate the stainless steel plate
SUS410 stainless steel has excellent "red hard" performance, under the 550 ℃ can still maintain strong tapping drilling capacity, thus can successfully penetrate up to 18 mm stainless steel plate or carbon steel;And alloy material in the temperature over 250 ℃, the hardness has dropped sharply, it is difficult to penetrate thick stainless steel plate or steel plate, even if successful penetration, the tapping and fastening work hard to complete.

3, strength and corrosion resistance, perfect union of acme corrosion resistant effect
/ SUS304 SUS316 austenitic stainless steel materials such as excellent corrosion resistance, SUS410 martensitic stainless steel corrosion resistance, although slightly inferior, but is much stronger than carbon alloy steel, strength and hardness is superior to the latter, screw and the state science and technology, special surface treatment for economic co-operation and development (such as zinc, aluminium powder metal coating processing), after assembly related to construction, threaded portion and bare head of SUS304 / austenitic stainless steel SUS316, resistant to wind and rain erosion and acid and alkali environment, sustainable in a general neutral interior environment is safe and effective service more than 80 years.

4, more economic, services more quickly
UNITEK the state science and technology of composite metal representative of self-drilling screw with tapping screw performance data:

  1Pulling Strength

  2Shearing Strength

  3Twisting Strength

  4Attack Speed Test

  5Applicable Scope


In addition, steel structure residence has many advantages, the designers will design according to each master be fond of, each house has its own characteristics and shape, let the owners live happy lives.As in the head of the state science and technology company said, now has become a main trend of the development of steel structure residence, under the support of national policy in the future there will be an infinite future.Such as the national related department will cut steel structure housing the design, construction and sales of various taxes, and support the construction units to provide sample house, thus provide the people with safe, healthy and beautiful house.
Steel structure residence is an exclusive villas, delicate and beautiful atmosphere, the surrounding have a lot of open space, convenient owners according to their own thoughts growing flowers grow grass, create a more romantic and warm natural living environment.Such housing we generally only can be seen in foreign developed countries, and combined the state science and technology will be hand in hand with the domestic large steel structure builders make our dreams become a reality.


Have to say, the steel structure housing mode has become the inevitable trend in the development of construction industry in our country, the future will be the rows of steel structure in urban and rural villa, let every family to live on the dream house.Because many customers eye is unique, saw the main development trend, to build a so advanced and safe for their homes.