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Ten advantages help "steel structure" dominate the future housing industry!

2016-04-19 09:44:29 Jiaxing Unitek Machinery Co., Ltd. Read

Sustainable architecture, which can be as in the production of mobile phones as built house, put different parts in the factory assembly line.According to the standard production of steel structure, doors and Windows, such as light bulbs' building parts to the factory for modular assembly, then insert the semi-finished products' building parts' delivery to site for installation, it overturns the construction nearly hundred years of history, has changed the traditional architectural patterns.


1, 10 times of construction safety (100% quality assurance)
Compared with the traditional building, steel structure components, early use high-precision production factory, production of high-tech production equipment to control;Site construction by mechanized operation, all kinds of threaded fasteners for fast connection, reduce artificial operation error, quality more secure, more safety construction.And the construction efficiency 4-5 times.


2, a bigger room rate (a third of the gross weight)
Steel structure wall give full play to the comprehensive advantages of steel and concrete, less convex column, less number of wall, solid double, indoor area utilization rate increased by 4% - 6%.Steel structure wall quantity less than traditional buildings reduced two-thirds of weight, indoor light nonbearing wall layout can change at will, decorate a more casual.


3, short time (a quarter of the time limit for a project)
Due to the steel structure parts according to the specifications for the factory production, on-site assembly with all kinds of fasteners, and construction is not affected by the weather.Messenger floor, floor using prefabricated reinforced truss can multilayer construction at the same time, realize the three-dimensional cross operation, construction speed is faster, three layer, a day than traditional architectural save three-quarters of the time limit for a project.

4, more seismic (9 degree seismic)
Mostly for slope roof, the roof of low-rise villa so roof structure basically USES is made of cold bending steel components triangular roof truss system, through the with high strength and high toughness fasteners to connect, light steel members in after sealing the structural plate and plasterboard, formed a very strong "rib plate structure system", this kind of structure system have stronger earthquake and the ability to resist horizontal load, applicable to earthquake intensity of 9 degrees over the region.


5, 93% of the factory site work (1/10)
"Site factory to do, the things indoor, outdoor construction lofting things computer do simulation and site, 85% ~ 95% of the component parts can be processed in the factory, than traditional reduction of about 60% in the number of construction site work. As a result of threaded fasteners connection, so easy to dismantle, some products can be reused, recycled materials. Site is more in the future will not be scattered steel, concrete, insulation board, but pieces of panels, stairs, etc" parts "; the workers to take the "parts" in conjunction with the mechanical assembly into going home.


6, better thermal insulation performance
Steel structure, light weight, high strength, good overall rigidity and deformation ability.Building weight is only one 5 of the brick structure, can resist hurricane of 70 meters per second, make the life and property can get effective protection.
The thermal insulation material is given priority to with glass fiber cotton, has good heat preservation and heat insulation effect.For external wall insulation board, effectively avoid phenomenon of cold bridge wall, achieved the better heat preservation effect.About 100 mm thick R15 heat preservation cotton thermal resistance can be equivalent to 1 m thick brick wall.


7, 1% of the construction waste (green buildings)
Traditional building waste generated 200 kilograms per square meter, one of the 5 square meters building emissions about ten thousand tons of garbage.Construction waste accounts for 30% of municipal waste - 30%, building materials, transport and construction dust accounts for 10-30% of air pollution in cities, the water consumption is great, and water pollution.Can be built buildings in the factory manufacturing building fine decoration, the work is still no fire, no water, clean, tasteless.No cutting, no little cement, gauze, construction waste is less than 1% of conventional construction.

8, more environmentally friendly (green buildings)
Dry is used for the steel structure housing construction, therefore, dust pollution, noise pollution, water pollution is extremely low.Construction has greatly reduced the amount of sand, stone, ash, materials used, mainly green 100% recycled or the material degradation, when building demolition, not cause waste pollution.


9, sound insulation better sex
Sound insulation effect is a an important index in evaluating housing, light steel system installation window adopts hollow glass, sound insulation effect is good, sound insulation of 40 decibels;By light steel keel gypsum board, insulation materials, fasteners and so on the wall, its sound insulation effect can be as high as 60 decibels.Health: dry operation, reduce the waste pollution to the environment, building steel structure materials can be recycled 100%, most other supporting materials can be recycled, in line with the current environmental protection consciousness;All materials for the green building materials, meet the requirement of ecological environment, and is helpful to health.


10, durability
Light steel structure residential structures are all made of cold bending thin-wall steel members system composition, bone using super anticorrosion, high strength cold rolled galvanized sheet steel manufacturing, connection fastening system with high strength and high corrosion resistance use special fasteners are assembled, effectively avoid the influence of steel corrosion in the process of construction and use, increase the service life of the light steel structures.Structure life of up to 100 years.
Green building industry in our country modernization is accelerated, relying on the pilot to promote industrialization of ecological environmental protection, excellent quality, affordable and comfortable steel structure building, is becoming a melody of new housing in the future.



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