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Thinking! Hardware fasteners enterprise facing a new situation

2016-04-19 09:05:32 Jiaxing Unitek Machinery Co., Ltd. Read

Though China has nearly 6000 hardware production enterprises, but still not power, from the historical evolution, hardware tools manufacturing industry in the world has experienced from the European and American countries to Japan, Taiwan, India transfer process, and from Japan, Taiwan, India, moved to the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta and other coastal areas in China, most of China's hardware tools company is still in his extensive in the export processing trade is given priority to, or for the United States, Japan and many other big dealer generation processing, product value and added value is low.

 Facing severe macroeconomic, actively explore China's hardware industry, comparative and international hardware tools industry development and the status quo of China's hardware industry, hardware tools industry only adapt to the market, participate in international competition, aimed at the world's advanced, actively adjust the product structure, expand the competitive space, and the hardware fasteners, played a role can not be ignored, this is the way to develop China's hardware tools.

Hardware tools industry is facing five big shift

 1, change the extensive mode of production, to high-quality goods hardware transformation

  Shanghai tool products are mostly old face, rough machining, low level, high energy consumption, most enterprises adopt the carbon steel material as hardware tools production base.Product profit around 8-10%, a combination pliers, a wrench profits are only a few Angle, price under 10 yuan only, and foreign production hardware tools products using the raw material is given priority to with chrome vanadium steel, the production of high-quality goods hardware tools price is in 100 yuan, 10 times difference, this doesn't match with the Shanghai metropolis status, and domestic and international business, advanced manufacturing industry are looking forward to the high grade product.blob.png

  2, change the old faces, to independent innovation

  Hardware tools products have broad space for development in our country, it is reported that the United States, resistant to aung hardware distribution enterprise production hardware products company has more than 3000 kinds of varieties, thousands of specifications, the equivalent of 6 times the sum of the hardware products in our country, so the domestic enterprises don't always staring at the old products, old favorites to open train of thought.If not on the varieties and styles have big breakthrough, will not be able to adapt to the requirements of the international and domestic market, hardware tools products have greatly increased, varieties and quantity should be increased for new product development efforts and Courier, quickly fill light spot hardware tools products, hardware tools industry can have a new life.The Dana Hector tools (Shanghai) co., LTD., Shanghai evergreen electrical industrial co., LTD., Shanghai steed pneumatic tools co., LTD., one of the leading enterprises in Shanghai wo shi horticulture co., LTD., has a new product year after year, every year there is a new development.

 3, change the traditional sales model to the modern marketing network transformation

  Set up modern marketing system, to do seven extension: one is the domestic first-class fair, first-class hardware city, make the product of a comprehensive display of communication and cooperation trading platform.2 it is to extend in the direction of internationalization, with preferential policies to attract more foreign trader.3 it is to the intangible market, on the realization of e-commerce transactions, to establish and expand online market, expand the trade order.Four is extended to the distribution market.Five is extended to the chain market, building unified name all over the country, unified logo, unified distribution chain paper generalizes.Six is extend in the direction of equipment industry.Seven is set up marketing agency in field, making it to the forefront of product to the outside.Guan hardware mechanical and electrical city as the national hardware mechanical and electrical industry market, the good faith demonstration market benchmarking, the top brand in the market, with "fair (procurement) + the most port value entity market + e-commerce online trade" the operation mode of the best combination, both inside and outside the hardware tools industry enjoys a high recognition.


  4, to implement the strategy of brand

  Hardware tools industry well-known brand marketing experts hundred hui thinks, the enterprise should formulate the brand construction planning, increased investment in technology change and technological innovation, improve product quality, the specialized, refined, special, new brand direction development, to attract market attention, an olive-branch, a world brand.


  5, change the phenomenon that fight alone, go the way of joint and cooperation brand

  Rapid industrial development in our country now, hardware tools should catch up with the industry development in our country, in order to meet the demand of the development of all walks of life, like the brand, it combined the best production enterprise in our country, in the production of quality products, increasing by 30% a year, last year's best exhibition of fine hardware union set hardware tools ship industry, mould industry in Shanghai international exhibition is a form of good.

  The current our country is in economic transition period, the hardware industry development is also facing a major adjustment.Believe that after 30 years of reform development, as long as led by scientific development view, to speed up the change of the pattern of economic development and structural adjustment, to grasp the development opportunities in adversity, hardware tools industry face will look brand-new.


Stainless steel fasteners in hardware fastener industry

First stage: to satisfy the market and stimulate demand

Lack of early Chinese hardware products and the development of economy, the hardware products are made of large area, the requirements of the people at that time just meet the demand, rather than the pursuit of quality.Therefore largely contributed to the prosperity of China hardware electrical and mechanical processing and manufacturing, but led to overcapacity and product homogeneity of today.

The second stage: the pursuit of quality and price

When the products on the market after rich rise, people need is not only one can use hardware products.But the use function and quality request, especially at the request of the cost-effective products on further improved.

The third stage: the personalized service and the experience of innovation and brand appeal

Growing selectivity of people at this stage, the international brand of intervention also let us experience the different feelings.As a service differentiation of superposition for the fine and means of product value.Users desire demand for brand recognition and deeper attention and satisfaction.

If the previous two stages or China hardware and follow, follow and imitate, is a bloody competition, then after a stage is the brand and the service competition.This stage of the enterprise to survive, you must coordinate product, user, service aspects of content.Enterprises need to service orientation, brand orientation and value orientation to seek breakthroughs and development, it is not a model but to create and execute.

Including stainless steel fasteners will stand out, stainless steel fastener has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high quality of appearance and image, high strength, easy fabrication and welding, do not need to paint, plating and heat treatment, can be 100% recycled.

  • UNITEK technology leads to efficiency , high strength and high corrosion resistance of stainless steel fasteners           

     Jiaxing UNITEK mechanical technology co., LTD. Is the first domestic manufacturing high strength and high quality architectural stainless steel fasteners production enterprise, broke the situation of such products long-term dependence on imports.Companies with high hardness, high strength martensitic stainless steel (SUS410) drlling self-drilling screw, self-tapping screw, high strength stainless steel bolts engineering classes give priority to dozen of product construction fasteners, products widely used in domestic and foreign high-end steel structure building, outdoor facilities and subway, tunnel, highway, power grids, automobile, shipbuilding and other industries;The capital airport T3 terminal, CCTV tower, Beijing south railway station, Shanghai hongqiao high iron, 2022 Asian games stadium in hangzhou, shougang Beijing Olympic sports center, Shanghai Disney tang steel, baosteel zhanjiang iron and steel, and so on domestic thousands of landmark building has a close bond technology products in their lives.Products with high strength, good corrosion resistance, safe, diverse and features such as saving.



1. High strength - responsible for the quality

Tighten tensile strength high, concluded the superior effect

2. Responsible for security - for life

Tensile, shear, torsion, anti-seismic

3. Use - responsible for the job

Speed is fast, assembly of high efficiency and wide applicability

4. Corrosion - responsible for the owner

Quality, one hundred, one hundred years of life

5. Variety - responsible for the design

Superior innovation, manufacturing capacity

6. Save - good screw to save

Is more efficient to let you save worry save trouble to save money