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    Details determine success or failure,The small screw is also a big hero

As the saying goes: "a thousand miles of embankment, a dangerous thing." A small ant hole, a little knowledge can make causeway outburst. Any ambitious plan Zhuangwei works depend on the details of each step and correct implementation and accurate in place, otherwise, "miss is as good hack away," details determine the success or failure. Some people underestimate the power of detail, doubt the value of attention to detail, but the fact did not hesitate to invest in the weight details aside.

Detail is a spirit, a spirit of dedication to a professional!

People generally do not pay attention to detail, there are two reasons: First, do not act to reflect; the second is simply not aware of the importance of attention to detail, the so-called non-dedicated attitude. Therefore, attention to detail is an attitude, a sense of responsibility and positive attitudes in the workplace. Someone said: "Attitude is everything!" Yes, a very professional technical people must be very detail-oriented person, otherwise he would not be called a professional. Seiko skilled work by famous and enduring Swiss watches, size and weight of each component are to undergo a rigorous testing and evaluation; construction of complex and mysterious ancient Egyptian pyramids, each block of stone between boulders and wonderful match, called the modern amazing; it embodies both a professional manufacturer and dedicated.

It is known as the rice industry of the screw, although small but not insignificant, however, ignored the event because the screw and lead to disaster in the history abound.

May 25, 1979 a group of American aircraft from Chicago to Los Angeles because of aircraft maintenance personnel are not operating according to the process leading to metal fatigue screws, and finally lead to the engine room and the wing pylons broken down, resulting in 273 deaths in US history worst air crash. August 12, 1985, Japanese planes crash incident, 520 people were killed, which is the world's largest air crash in aviation history occurred in stand-alone, because the aircraft did not follow the installation of the tail repair a sufficient number of fastening rivets; go home, July 5, 2011, two bolts fracture initiation Beijing Metro line escalator accident; October 2013, car complaints network received complaints from a large number of owners of Chery Ruiqi X1, the focus of complaints that Chery Ruiqi X1 in the process of moving , the engine will appear to sink and fall off, causing significant damage, and seriously endangered the safety of the occupants. It is reported that the main reason for Chery Ruiqi X1 engine sinking was due to engine bracket screw fracture caused. These facts tell us that iron clank behind screw safety, quality and standards, and human security is the responsibility of society to ensure the quality and the quality of each of a screw, is the industry's responsibility can not be turned down.

Disaster prevention day, but it is man-made disasters can be avoided. We can not live desirability becomes how great, we just put the details better. "In short, life, love," the lyrics sometimes so easily lay bare the truth of life. Genuine warmth, only quietly passed in the details; the real people who love you, only the expression of love in the details ......

A humble little screws, often carrying a very large key role. It looks simple but a little screw, contains a variety of high-tech content - This is the content of science and technology. In 2002, Jiaxing AVID Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd. successfully developed a stainless steel heat treatment and surface treatment technology, thus embarked on the road, "the first domestic production of high-strength, high-quality stainless steel fasteners business".

In architectural decoration, walls and windows, steel building envelope systems, architectural design units and construction units often encounter confusion from the fastening aspects: the ordinary carbon steel self drilling screws it, rust corrosion not enough; austenitic stainless steel self drilling screws it, screw hardness, strength and not enough engineering and construction machinery or equipment failure or corrosion is usually the first to fastener system failure. Because of the special circumstances and the mission of building fasteners and special structure which caused fastener which bear the brunt of a corrosive environment, the most likely first corrosion. Therefore, to improve the corrosion resistance of fasteners, it is a necessary prerequisite to improve the life of the building. Thus, one only has high corrosion resistance but also mechanical properties of high strength fasteners, the industry's highly anticipated things.

In recent years, building decoration, walls and windows, steel building design and construction of the containment system, it is often encountered higher requirements from environmental and corrosion resistance, and as the key to building self-drilling connecting node cold self-tapping screw, its corrosion resistance and effective fastening life, is the most troubling and most critical part; has been customary in the industry through the use of plating or surface-coated carbon steel self drilling screws, it is understood , carbon steel self drilling screws is generally made of carbon steel, low carbon, since the carbon carbon steel corrosion resistance itself is low, it screws must generally be plated or coated with other surface treatment to improve its corrosion resistance but such self-drilling self-tapping screw once after the hard-metal fastening construction, plated or coated surface is inevitable due to friction, puncture and destruction of metal screws itself exposed to the ambient air into the building in which so that the fastening system corrosion resistance decreased rapidly tightening real life is 1 - - 10 years. In some highly corrosive environments (such as coastal areas or high pollution), fastening systems and even buildings that line within a few months of the collapse, resulting in damage to the building short-lived.

On the other hand, the austenitic stainless steel screw, though they have excellent anti-rust corrosion resistance, but because it is not heat-treated hardened, the hardness and mechanical strength can not reach the construction and design requirements, so it was also refused the door self-drilling self-tapping outer.

Thus, a fusion of high corrosion resistance and high strength raw rigid and self-drilling screws have come into being, which is a composite metal self-drilling self-tapping screws.

Unitek Technology composite metal self-drilling self-tapping screw threaded locking portion and head for the same austenitic stainless steel, but tapping part and the tip end portion of the drill was martensitic stainless steel SUS410, heat-treated surface and then specially treated, penetration and rust corrosion resistance are beyond alloy steel composite metal screws, up extreme double effect! And imported screw compare composite metal AVID Technology tapping screw self-drilling performance characteristics are as follows:

1 and screw "IAS" faster, with less effort

2, broader applicability, can penetrate steel plate

3, the perfect combination of strength and corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance of the ultimate effect

4, more economical, more efficient service

We have to: "customer-oriented, quality leader, scientific innovation, continuous improvement" for quality, high strength and faith to build the domestic first-quality stainless steel fasteners philosophy, and constantly improve the research and development capabilities and product quality, and strive to improve service standards and customer satisfaction.

Screw is small, but big learning. Production of a high strength and high quality Self Drilling tapping screws almost all the categories related to the knowledge and disciplines machinery industry. AVID science and technology has always been committed to human faith energy efficiency, green faith, kept the industry to explore scientific and technical knowledge, a high degree of ethnic and social responsibility, after nearly a decade of efforts to develop a series of sturdy stainless steel member, and domestic and foreign construction and manufacturing were quickly adopted by popular acclaim.

Compared with similar products industry, product performance Unitek Technology's unique ......